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Review By Anna Bulle
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Très beau, pleins de beaux articles. Hâte d'en voir plus.
Mar 20, 2019
Review By Naomi Sainfleur
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Excellent product, in love with my beautiful bag. Totally recommend, Thanks bm
Mar 16, 2019
Review By Victoire
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Avec BMAfricaDesign, vous ne serez pas déçu. Repartez plus belles et beaux sourire aux lèvres av ...
Mar 8, 2019

Privacy policy

At the same time that B&M is committed to providing you information online, we recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about you. In adopting this privacy policy, our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using information with your reasonable expectations of privacy.

When you visit our site, we may collect two types of information: nonpersonally identifiable information and personally identifiable information.

Nonpersonally identifiable information

This information is used only for internal purposes to create summary statistics that allow us to assess the number of visitors, determine technical design specifications, monitor system performance and help us make our site more useful to customers. It includes the following:

  • Name of the domain from which you access the Internet.
  • Type of browser and operating system used to access our site.
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  • Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site.
  • Email address (for inquiry emails only)

Personally identifiable information

B&M does not collect personally identifying information about individuals, except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. Visitors to our site who do not want their personally identifiable information collected online are asked not to submit such information to B&M. This information includes the following:

  • Name
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When necessary, information provided to B&M through this site will be encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer technology, the industry standard method for protecting Web communications. SSL encrypts or scrambles any information sent from your browser to the server you are connected to, making it virtually impossible to intercept and tamper with the information while being transmitted.

Kids: Be sure to ask your parents for permission before you send any information (such as your name, address or email address) over the Internet to B&M or anyone else.

Parents: We encourage you to be involved with your children’s online usage and to be aware of the activities in which they are participating. Any personally identifiable information collected by B&M that we are aware is from children will be used only for B&M internal purposes such as for fulfilling requests for information or products. Such information will not be posted or published by B&M or provided to any third parties.

B&M will not sell or trade to third parties any personally identifiable information derived from any B&M online service.

B&M may disclose information to third parties about your account or the transactions you make only:

  • Where it is necessary for completing a transaction (including collection); or
  • In order to comply with government agency requirements, statutory requirements or court orders; or
  • If you give us your written permission.

Online advertising

For various B&M marketing campaigns, B&M may use retargeting to promote these campaigns. Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses code to “follow” visitors across the web.

During these campaigns, every time a new visitor comes to this site, a browser cookie is placed on his/her computer. This cookie does not identify the visitor or give access to the visitor’s computer. The cookie is used to allow B&M to tailor its marketing and services to display ads relevant to each visitor’s needs and interests.



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